Realization provides the only project management software with execution engine, to help you execute complex projects faster and more efficiently. Our 400+ customers include the U.S. military, Delta Air Lines, Larsen & Toubro, ABB, BHP Billiton and Siemens. Engaged in a wide range of projects including engineering and construction; maintenance, repair & overhaul; and product development, these organizations have collectively realized more than $6.5 billion in additional cash and profits by speeding up their projects. They have been recognized for their excellence with the prestigious Franz Edelman Award, the Shingo Gold and the Air Force Chief of Staff Team Excellence Award.

Traditional project management is like driving with paper maps in the old days. Plans look good when they are created but become irrelevant as soon as delays, changes and disruptions happen. Lacking useable plans, projects go off track and resources get wasted. Realization's software is just like GPS for your projects. It automatically reschedules the work as changes, delays and disruptions happen in real time. It tells everyone in your organization what tasks should be done next, alerts managers to future bottlenecks, and provides reliable forecast of completion dates.



“Power Plant projects are large and complex in nature with many external stake holders. NTPC has over 40 years of experience in executing such projects. Our project management teams are amongst the best in the country and the world. Yet, because of the dynamic nature of projects, synchronization (of various internal and external partners) and having meaningful signals to facilitate management control are practical challenges that we have recognized and been trying to address and improve for a long time. Realization’s TOC based methodology and Concerto system have helped us in addressing these aspects of project management.

In NTPC Khargone, within a month of starting the implementations of Project Analytics , our project management team had complete visibility of the bottleneck areas. Even when new bottlenecks are emerging, we are not taken by surprise. This enabled Team Khargone to take a lot of actions pro-actively and now our entire management team has full control on the due dates. We are going to complete major milestones on time.

Some welcome changes that are helping us in pro-active decisions and actions are:

  1. Priorities are aligned for project level of management - decisions and subsequent actions are faster
  2. Each level of management have reliable, unbiased and meaningful visibility of their respective areas
  3. Warning signals from the system are definitely forward-looking

We are confident that we are going to achieve all the remaining milestones on time and we are implementing the Project Analytics system in a second Thermal Power plant project in Patratu”

Ajay Shukla, AGM - NPTC