Customer Support

Please visit our customer support portal to learn from our expert community or download the latest version of Concerto. If you wish to learn more about how to use new features on Concerto, or how you can apply novel techniques, information on our training workshops is also available.

Please click here to visit the Customer Support Portal.

You may also contact our customer support team at the number below.

Tel: 1.408.271.6571
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Watch the video below for an introduction to the Concerto Critical Chain Planning Client.


Don’t Know How To Use Critical Chain Software?

Attend our FREE Workshops.

These Concerto web-based workshops are open to all customers who are on an annual support subscription. This is a great opportunity to sharpen your Critical Chain Project Management skills so you can:

  • Get better results by planning your project according to CCPM rules
  • Analyze your project network to identify waste and shorten cycle time
  • Identify resource constraints within your organization
  • Time releases to avoid being overwhelmed
  • Understand and follow priorities so you can stop costly multitasking

Visit our Support Portal to see the schedule of all workshops.