Concerto PPM: Less Is More

Concerto Project Portfolio Management (PPM) gives your organization and managers the ability to optimize and simplify selection and management of multiple projects. Unlike other PPM software that are unnecessarily elaborate, Concerto's strength is in its minimalism - minimal data, minimal updates and minimal reports. That's because only Concerto recognizes and leverages the facts that i) local optimization does not lead to global optima, ii) the world of projects is dynamic and uncertain, and iii) management is different from tracking and reporting.

Concerto uses constraints based optimization to help you select the most impactful projects and get the most out of your resources, and buffer management to provide maximum flexibility with least buffers. It also gives you what-if capabilities in planning and early warning signals in execution.

Concerto Planning Module

Concerto’s Planning Module integrates with MS Project so project managers can identify their project’s critical chain and automatically cut and buffer tasks.Read more.

Project managers can also examine a schedule What-If by adjusting the quantity of resources available or modifying dependencies. By using Concerto’s Planning Module, managers can determine a project’s most efficient and cost-effective schedule and resource allocation – and communicate it to everyone in the organization. People stop working at cross purposes, and everyone starts pulling in the same direction.

Concerto Pipeline MOdule

Using the Theory of Constraints, Concerto’s Pipeline Module lets a portfolio owner/master scheduler identify the constraining resource or phase in an operation and schedule the project based on the selected constraint.Read more.

The portfolio owner/master scheduler can also explore What-Ifs for the pipeline by adjusting the priority of projects to see the impact on due dates. The result: a truly optimized schedule that will help your organization avoid bottlenecks and meet critical deadlines.

Concerto Web reports Concerto Web Reports Concerto Web Reports Concerto Web Reports Concerto Web Reports Concerto Web Reports Concerto Web Reports

Concerto Web

The Concerto Web is where planning meets execution and control. Read more.

For task-level execution, Concerto Web gives each task manager a custom task list prioritized by our patented buffer logic – so everyone is always working on the most important tasks across the entire organization. At the project level, Concerto Web shows the status for projects based on their progress and buffer consumption, and identifies tasks that need management’s attention. Concerto Web makes sure first things always get done first, even in a changing environment where priorities can shift daily.

For control, Concerto gives executives a dashboard for all the projects in their portfolio. In addition, Concerto Web provides metrics on Throughput, Cycle Time, On-Time Delivery and much more, so executives can stay up-to-date on progress and intervene as necessary to keep projects on track.

We have been at the vanguard of PPM since 1998. We were the first company to introduce multi-project management solutions and web based software in the world of projects. We also have a proven track record of delivering bottom line results - more than $5B in savings by helping our customers complete their projects 20% to 50% faster, and multiple industry awards won by our clients including the Shingo Gold, US Air Force Chief of Staff Excellence and the Franz Edelman Award for operations research.

Are you ready to find out how Concerto can help you plan, prioritize and execute your projects?

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