Project Synchronization Office

Why Project Synchronization Office (PSO)

More than just planning and monitoring, Realization's PSO drives execution to keep projects racing to the finish line and keep you in control – even when uncertainties keep unfolding.

Using the Workflow Based Project Management Methodology that is redefining performance standards, we work hand-in-hand with your project team and bring you value above and beyond a traditional PMO to:

Keep everyone’s day-to-day priorities synchronized and minimize waste in execution.
Design incentives that keep contractors and vendors aligned to one goal: your success.
Anticipate upcoming bottlenecks and de-bottleneck the critical work-fronts.
Free up managers from the trivial many and focus them on the critical few.

After one year of execution the project is 1.5 months ahead of management’s estimate. A planned shutdown of the mill during the upgrade was completed ahead of target and we implemented more scope than was planned”. -Mr. Sachit Jain, MD from Vardham Special Steels

We were able to complete 11 projects a quarter against our earlier performance of 6 projects a quarter. In 12 weeks time, we had gone from 20% projects on-time to 80% projects on-time”. -Mr. K.B. Sankara Rao, Executive Vice President of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

What the PSO Does

Analysis & Planning

Understand constraints and challenges
Identify external and internal risks
Plan for synchronization and risk mitigation
Define project team roles
Design incentives and penalties
Define process for cost control

Full Kitting

Set up execution processes
Drive management of approval cycles
Define and drive procurement priorities
On-board internal team and key suppliers
Finalize execution plan

Synchronized Execution

Drive synchronized task management and issue resolution
Use early warning signals to drive management intervention
Perform what-if analysis for changes in scope, cost, and schedule
Onboard vendors and contractors as they join execution
Provide de-bottlenecking analysis and help
Keep project teams, support functions and contractors aligned


Ensure proper handoffs
Assess actual performance against goals
Document lessons learned
How We Operate

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